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onyẹ̄n prep.
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Note: Cp. aye & ayen.
(a) Towards (sb.), to meet (sb.); (b) in front of (sb.), before, facing; (c) against (sb. or sth.), contrary to, in opposition to; (d) in anticipation of (sb. or sth.), in preparation for; (e) in return for (sth.); (f) with respect to (sb.), towards (sb.); (g) as a symbol of (sb.).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1300(OE) Deed Crediton (CotR 2.11)119 : Þis sint þalondes imeare þare ȝurd bi cridia; Erest on schokebrokes ford…suð on þan dede lake on cridia; Opon ȝenstrem on þan elpenian aker; þanne est on þan herpape, [etc.].
  • Note: Note OE =up ongean stream
    Note: Many notes filed with slip