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-aunce suf.
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Note: Cp. -ence suf.
A suffix forming numerous collective or abstract nouns denoting states, attitudes, or activities, most of them directly borrowed from French, some formed from Latin words in -antia- on the French model, and a few English formations with no attested Latin or French antecedent. In some cases, words in -aunce form doublets with words in -a(u)ncie, the pair being treated by MED sometimes under a single entry (consonaunce / consonancie), sometimes in distinct entries (repugnaunce / repugnancie, noiaunce / noiauncie). (a) In nouns taken from OF, e.g. abound-a(u)nce, alli-a(u)nce, appar-a(u)nce, arrog-a(u)nce, deceiv-a(u)nce, pen-a(u)nce, repent-a(u)nce, temper-a(u)nce, etc.; (b) in several English formations: further-a(u)nce, hinder-a(u)nce, pleasur-ance, etc.

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Note: A more detailed treatment is provided by the OED, s.v. -ance suf.