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mōt n.(1)
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(a) A speck, particle, bit of dirt or foreign matter; an impurity in drink; pl. dust; melten to ~, to be reduced to dust; motes in the sonne (bem, ~ in the sonne, motes in somertide, dust visible in the sunlight; (b) a trifle; piken motes, to take note of small points; ~ in the eie, with reference to Mat. 7.3 or Luke 6.42: a petty fault; (c) as muchel as a ~, at all; mountaunce of a litel ~, in the smallest degree; not a (the) ~, nought a ~, not a bit, not in the least, not at all; (d) a blemish, spot, stain, flaw; also fig.; withouten ~, flawless, pure.