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mō̆rwe n.
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Note: Cp. mōrn n.
(a) Morning, the early part of the day; also, the dawn; houre of ~, the canonical hour of matins; ~ dai [OE morgendæg], morning; half a ~, half of a morning; (b) at ~, bi (in, on) the ~, in the morning; in (on) a ~; on morwes; atwen the twilight and the ~, between twilight and dawn; ayen (in, on) ~; fro ~ til (to) eve, on even and ~, all day long, continually; etc.; (c) eve(n and ~, ~ and eve, continually, always; also, in the morning and at evening; ne night ne ~, at any time, ever; the ~, in the morning; (d) in greetings: god ~ [see also god adj. 7. (e)].
In cpds. and combs.: (a) ~ grei, the predawn twilight; ~ light [OE morgen-lēoht], daybreak, sunrise; ~ time, the morning hours; ~ whil, a period of time around or before sunrise; ~ tide, q.v.; (b) ~ cloud, a cloud or fog which dissipates in the course of a morning; ~ cold, the chill of the morning air; ~ deu, morning dew; ~ sterre [OE morgensteorra], a morning star, esp. the planet Venus; also, the angel Lucifer; also, fig. Christ; (c) ~ messe [OE morgenmæsse], a Low Mass said in the early morning, the first Mass of the day; ~ messe prest; ~ mete [OE morgen-mete], a small morning meal, breakfast; ~ slep, morning sleep, esp. after the time for rising; ~ song, matins; -- used fig.; ~ speche [LOE morgen-spǣc], a morning assembly held by a guild at specified times each year; also, a civil court convened under royal auspices; taken a ~ swot, to sweat in bed in the morning, lie in bed beyond the normal time for rising; (d) ~ yeve (iyeve) [OE morgen-giefu, A -gefu], a nuptial gift presented to the bride on the morrow after the wedding; also, a dowry; also fig. [see also place names].
(a) The morrow; the next day; ~ dai; (b) in (on, upon) the ~, on (o) ~, on the ~ dai, on the morrow, next day; unto the ~, unto ~ dai, unto that other ~, until the next day; er the thridde ~, before the third day; on the thridde (sixte) ~, on the third (sixth) day; in the ~ in (of), on (the) ~ after, on the day after (a feast day); (c) other ~, on the day after tomorrow; the ~ dai, on the morrow, the next day; the thridde ~, on the third day; the ~ after, on the day after (a feast day, etc.).
(a) In place names [see Smith PNElem. 26.43]; (b) in surnames.