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mō̆rther n.(1)
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(a) Deliberate killing of a human being, murder; ~ of self, soule ~, spiritual suicide or death; (b) in prov. sayings: ~ wil out, etc.; (c) a massacre; (d) crime, outrage; injury or damage to people, a town, country, etc.; (e) ~ man, a murderer; also, death personified.
(a) A killing, death by violence; (b) slaughter in war, carnage; ~ of blod, bloodshed; (c) a slaughter of animals; (d) loss of life through plague.
Law A fine payable to the Crown, unless exempted by charter or writ, by a manor or hundred in which a murder is committed, if the slayer is not brought to justice; also, the right of jurisdiction in cases of homicide.