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mis- pref.
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A prefix with a wide range of pejorative meanings: evil(ly, sinful(ly, wicked(ly, false(ly, unjust(ly, illegal(ly, bad(ly, harmful(ly, painful(ly, wrong(ly, incorrect(ly, mistaken(ly, unwise(ly, improper(ly, faulty, faultily, unlucky, unluckily, unfortunate(ly, amiss, unfavorable, unfavorably. It is also used either redundantly or as an intensive in words like: misdeformed, misdouting, misdreden, misforshapen, misgilt, misgilten, misgreven, misortrouunge. It appears in words of Old English origin; e.g., (nouns) misdede, mislore, (verbs) misbeden, misdon, misleden, misliken, misliven, mismaken, misreden, mistechen, mistimen, (ppl.) misboren; in words from Old Norse; e.g., (verbs) mistaken, mistrouen; in words from Old (including Anglo-) French; e.g., (nouns) misaventure, mischaunce, mischef, miscreaunce, misese, misprisioun, misuse, (adjectives) mischevous, miscreaunt, misese, (verbs) mischeven, miscounselen, miscounten, mispaien, misplesen, misusen; and many words which appear to be Middle English formations; e.g., (nouns) misbileve, miscredence, miscustome, misdelite, misdom, misfal, misfare, misfortune, misgilt, misgovernaunce, misreule, mistrust, (adjectives) miscroked, (verbs) misansweren, misavisen, misbifallen, misbileven, misdemen, misdeparten, misdighten, misdreden, misfelen, misfortunen, misgilten, misglosen, misgovernen, misgreven, mismetren, misseien, misunderstonden, (gerunds) misbehaving, misberinge, miscutting, misdouting, misfaciouning, misfeding, misfoundinge, mislikinge, mislivinge, (ppls.) misadiȝt, misdeformed, misforshapen, misframed, misgoten.