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minster n.
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Note: Cp. monasteri(e.
A monastery; a nunnery; ?also, a hermitage; also, the premises of such a religious community; nonnes ~, a nunnery or convent.
The church or chapel of a monastery or nunnery; a church, cathedral, or basilica.
A Jewish or pagan temple; godes ~.
In cpds. & combs.: (a) ~ bok, a book used in church; (b) ~ dor (gate), the door or gate of a church; also, the door of a temple; ~ garth, churchyard; ~ eles, the aisles of a church; (c) ~ kin, monastics; ~ lif, monastic living; also, a monastery; ~ man, a monk; (d) ~ reule, monastic rule; ~ work, the fund for the repair or maintenance of a minster.
(a) In names of monasteries, churches, or cathedrals; (b) in surname & place names [see Smith PNElem. 2.46-7].