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mēre n.(1)
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A riding horse, a steed; also, any beast of burden; also, cattle, livestock, pastured domesticated animals; grei ~, a gray horse; esp. an old one; cart ~ [see cart 7.].
(a) A mare; stod ~, q.v.; (b) horsed ~, a mare which has been bred; wilde ~, a mare running wild; meres milk; meres sone, a horse, steed; haras (stod, stede) of meres, a herd of mares; (c) ~ colt, a colt; ~ milk, mare's milk; also, milk of other domesticated animals; ~ tail, a plant, prob. the female horsetail, marestail (Hippuris vulgaris); ~ wod, lustful after the mares, mare-crazy; (d) in proverbs and idioms; (e) fig. a bad woman, a slut; also, a rabbit.
?In place names [see Smith PNElem. 2.38].