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-ment suf.
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A derivational suffix added (usually to verb stems) to make action nouns, concrete nouns, nouns of result, and (less frequently) nouns of state or condition: (a) in words borrowed from French or Latin; e.g., abillement, abreggement, arraiment, arreinement, batilment, chastiement, chaungement, commencement, emprisonement, enfeffement, enveniment, excitement, experiment, finishment, firmament, foundement, fragment, garnement, impediment, jugement, pavement, predicament; (b) in ME formations from F or L stems; e.g., bochement, chastisement, commendement, conjectement, prisonement, surement; also in cases where OF word exists but with different meaning; e.g., attendement, ditement, enditement; and (c) in ME formations from OE or ON stems; e.g., botment, cursement, eggement, groundement, hongement, legement, marrement, murtherment, onement.