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matte n.
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(a) A mat made of rushes, straw, etc., used on the floor or as a seat cover; (b) a pad or underlay for a bed; ?also, bedcover, quilt; (c) a piece of coarse fabric or matting; naut. ?piece of coarse fabric used to prevent chafing of parts of the rigging; (d) ~ maker, a maker of mats; ~ wif, ?woman who makes or sells mats.
(a) ?A rush, or the stalk of other rush-like plants; (b) ?in surname and place names.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Trin-C.R.14.45 Recipes (Trin-C R.14.45) 125/7 : Covere þi vessel wel..þanne sette hit in a hote place or elles in hors dong or in goode mattes and late hit werchen.
  • Note: Postdates sense 1.(a).