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martrin n.
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(a) The European marten (a member of the genus Martes); (b) the European polecat Mustela putorius.
(a) Often pl.: the skin or fur of the marten; furred with ~ (martrines), lined or trimmed with marten; (b) furre of martrines, pelure of ~, marten fur; a fur or lining made of marten; martres chavel, ~ throtes, fur pieced together from the light-colored throat fur of the marten; ~ womb, fur pieced together from the belly fur of the marten; polles of martrin(es, martrin(es polles, the heads of marten; martrines tailes, ?marten tails used in making paint brushes; (c) ~ sable, the fur of the European sable (Mustela zibellina).