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man indef. pron.
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(a) One, a man, a person; -- usually with singular verb; -- also, esp. late, with a; ~ shal don, one shall do, shall be done; ther ~ adam and eve dide, where one (they) placed Adam and Eve, where Adam and Eve were placed; etc.; (b) ~ calleth (callen, clepeth, hoteth, nemneth), one calls or names, they call, is (am, are, etc.) called; ~ clepede, one (they) called or named, was called; ~ seith, one says, they say, it is said; ~ mai seien, one (they) may say, it may be said; ~ mai sen, one can see, can be seen; ~ mai theim sen, one can see them, they can be seen; ther ~ hit shal isen, where one shall see it, where it shall be seen; (c) ani ~, ei ~, anyone, anybody; no ~, no one, nobody [see also animan phr. & n., ei indef. pron., & no-man phr. & n.].