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likerǒus adj.
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(a) Of persons: lascivious; amorous; (b) of actions, desires: lascivious; ~ tail, a lecherous sex organ; (c) inciting to lechery; bawdy in speech [quot.: a1475]; ~ eie, an eye which tempts to lechery; an eye which looks lasciviously; (d) keenly desirous (to do or have sth.); eager (for love); (e) as noun: a lascivious act; (f) ?as adv.: lasciviously; -- used fig.
(a) Of persons: gluttonous; also, excessively fond of luxurious food or drink; ~ mouth, a greedy mouth; (b) of desires, appetites: fastidious; (c) of persons, a way of living, pride, desire: luxurious, self-indulgent; (d) licentious, dissolute.
(a) Of food or drink: delicious to the taste or smell; ~ bitternesse, sweet bitterness; -- used fig.; (b) of persons, behavior, clothing, a place: pleasing, delightful.