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līen v.(2)
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(a) To tell a lie, speak falsely, deceive; lie to (sb.); (b) ~ in, to slander (sb.); ~ of, make a false claim for (sb., oneself), boast about; also, lie about (sth.); ~ o, slander (sb., oneself); also, boast about (oneself); ~ on (upon), slander (sb., oneself), abuse (love), misuse (learning); also, tell lies about (sb. or sth.), make false claims for (sb.); (c) of the Bible, a book: to contain misinformation; deceive (sb.); (d) to maintain a deceitful appearance, convey a false impression; also, cheat; (e) in proverbs and proverbial expressions: ~ in hed (thurghout teth), ~ loude (aloude, ful loude, upon loude), to lie blatantly; ~ for the whetston, tell a prize-winning lie.
(a) To speak (sth.) untruthfully, tell (a lie); tell (sb. a lie); ~ on, tell (a lie) about (sb.); ~ lesinge, tell a lie; (b) to misinterpret (a text), falsify; misrepresent (a statement); (c) to convey a false promise of (happiness); (d) ppl. liinge, deceitful; ppl. lied, feigned.
(a) To be false to (sb.), betray, deceive; also, prove false; him lieth the wrench, him ~ his wrenches, etc., his devices betray him; (b) to break a promise; betray (one's trust), break (a promise); (c) to give the lie to (sb., oneself), belie; (d) to slander (sb.).
To be mistaken; ~ on (for), be mistaken about (sb.), misjudge.