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lẹ̄ven v.(4)
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(a) To believe in (God, Christ, etc.); ~ in (into, o, on, to, upon), have faith in (God, Christ); also, believe in (a false god, an idol); ~ on Marie, believe Mary (to be queen of heaven); (b) to accept (a religious tenet, doctrine, promise) as authoritative; ~ on (in, to, upon); have a religious conviction (that sth. is the case); hit is to ~, it is to be believed, one must believe; (c) to have religious belief; ppl. levinge, as noun: believers.
(a) To believe (sb.), trust (sb., that sth. is the case); ~ to, believe (sb.); (b) to believe (sth., that sth. is the case), credit; believe in (a dream, a miracle); ~ in (on, to, upon), give credence to (sth.); ~ in, believe in (dreams, fortune-telling); ~ (on) lore; (c) to believe, have an opinion; ppl. as adj.: light levinge, credulous.
(a) To rely on (sb.), trust; ~ in (on, upon), place reliance on (sb. or sth.), trust; ~ in (upon), trust (oneself) to (sb. or sth.); (b) to comply with (sb. or sth.), take notice of, accede to, fall in with; follow (advice); ~ to, pay heed to (sb. or sth.); ~ lore (on lore, upon lei), of a lady: accede to the plea (of a lover); ~ on lore, obey directions; (c) to expect (sth., to do sth., to be sth.), hope; have confidence (that sth. will occur); have confidence in (oneself).
(a) To think (that sth. is the case), realize; be sure (that sth. is the case); ich leve wel, I truly believe it; I am sure (that sth. is the case); (b) to suppose (sth., that sth. is the case), imagine, think.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (a1382) WBible(1) (Bod 959)1 Kings 27.12 : Þanne Achis leeuede to dauyd, seiynge, [etc.].
  • Note: New Oxf. "Achis trusted David" [David gets Philistenes under Achis to believe he has turned against his own people & joined them. He raids distant tribes who are enemies of his own people & slaughters them to the last man, woman & child, but reports to Achis that he has been raiding people known to be friendly to the Israelites. Achis therefore either believes David or trusts David (but not 'believes in' David) & accepts that he is an ally to the Philestines.]--per MJW
    Note: Not in sense 2.(b) ~ to [gl. is 'give credence to (sth.)' - no (sb.) objs.] - no pers. objs. or 3.(a) ~ in (on, upon) [but not to] 'place reliance on (sb. or sth.), trust' - no to phr.--per MJW