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lēte n.(2)
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(a) A kind of local court with power to investigate, try lesser offenses, levy fines, and sometimes legislate for its district; a court leet; also, a session of such a court; ~ general, gret ~, ?a meeting of the full court at its regularly appointed time; ~ special, ?a meeting of the court, or part of it, to deal with special matters; (b) the right to maintain a court leet, collect fines, etc.; (c) the territory under the jurisdiction of a court leet; a small administrative division having such a court; (d) ?the list of offenses presented to the court leet by a headborough, or chief of one of the subdivisions of the leet district; (e) ~ fe, a fee or tax collected in connection with a court leet; ~ plegge [AL or AF], the chief of a tithing, a headborough.