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lēnen v.(1)
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(a) To lean, support oneself; steady oneself while standing or walking; lean (on an ax, a spade, staff, one's elbow, etc.); -- also refl.; ~ on knes, kneel; -- often with bi, in, into, on, to, up, or upon; (b) ~ to (til, upon), to depend or rely on (sb. or sth.); ~ or bouen, pay deference to (sb.); (c) to lean forward; lean (over or out of sth.); ~ with hed, nod assent or approval; ~ with nekke, stick out one's neck; (d) ~ on, to advance, press forward; ~ upon, harry (sth.), oppress.
(a) To bend, slant, or turn (in a certain direction, to a certain side); ~ open, hang open; lening (wrong, oblique; (b) to have a tendency, incline; of law: be partial, show bias; ~ to, have a tendency toward (sth.), listen to (sth.), pay attention to; ~ toward, incline to (blackness); (c) ~ to, ?to adjoin (sth.), ?be very near to (sth.).
To recline, lie down, sit; crouch, lie in hiding; ~ a)doun, adoun ~; ~ to, lie down on (one's bed); also, lie down until (Lent); ~ upon, lie on (sth.), lie down on; leninge on long, lying at length, lying stretched out; -- also refl.