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leiken v.
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(a) To engage in a game or contest, sport; also, trifle; play (with sb. or sth.); take pleasure (in sth.); delight (to do sth.); play (a game with sb.); (b) refl. to amuse oneself, enjoy oneself, play; (c) to engage in amorous dalliance, make love, have intercourse; ~ sinful pleie, have sinful intercourse; ~ biside, be unfaithful; refl. have sexual relations (with sb.); (d) to trick (sb.), beguile; ~ with, deceive (sb.), betray.
To be in a battle or contest; fight (with sb.); engage in (a duel with sb.).
(a) To go quickly;(b) ?to beat, thrash;(c) ?to behave, conduct oneself;(d) ?to speak out.