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laughter n.(1)
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(a) Laughter, laughing; the expression of amusement or pleasure; mirth, merriment; joy, pleasure; bresten on ~, to burst out laughing; bringen o ~, amuse (sb.), make (sb.) laugh; criing of (in) ~, excessive laughter; maken ~, cause laughter, provide amusement (for sb.); laughen (a) ~ [see laughen 2. (b)]; (b) a laugh, smile; outburst of laughter; drauen out (henten up, taken, yeven) a ~, fongen a ~ up, to laugh, burst out laughing; (c) joke, jest; laughing matter, object of ridicule; ben to ~, to be a butt for ridicule, be an object of derision; no ~, no laughing matter; (d) joc. ~ of hostileres, a group of innkeepers; (e) ~ mild, moderate in laughter.