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lak n.
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(a) Lack, absence, want; shortage, deficiency; default of payment; ~ of sacramentes, failure to receive the sacraments; no ~ (of, no shortage (of, no deficiency (of; pens ~, q.v.; (b) for ~ of, for lack of, for want of, in the absence of.
(a) Fault, failing; misdeed, offense, sin; disfigurement, blemish (spiritual, moral, or physical); don ~, to commit an offense; in ~ of, thurgh ~ of, through the fault of; with ~, faulty; (b) withouten ~, without fault, faultless, flawless; stout, strong [quot.: c1380]; -- also as tag: without fail, truly, indeed; (c) blame, censure; (d) harm, danger; (e) in phrases: finden (setten, yeven) ~, to find fault, offer a criticism; finden ~ in (of), find fault with (sb. or sth.), discover a shortcoming in (sb. or sth.); leien ~ on, putten in ~, putten ~ in, setten ~ on (upon), find fault with (sb. or sth.), reproach, blame; yeven the ~ of..to, attribute the blame for (sth.) to (sb.); haven gret ~, ?commit a grave misdeed, ?merit great censure.