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kinrē̆de n.
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(a) Stock, family, lineage, race; gret (god, heigh, noble, worthi) ~, high birth; loue (mene) ~, low birth; (b) descendants, progeny, posterity; also, a descendant; (c) forebears, forefathers.
(a) Kindred, kinsfolk, blood relations; also, a relative by marriage; neigh ~, close kinsmen; nexte of ~, nearest of kin, next of kin; (b) a brotherhood, closely knit group; (c) an associated group; also, one of such a group, associate, ally.
(a) Blood relationship, kinship; holi ~, sworn brotherhood; (b) genealogy, pedigree; (c) high rank, gentility.
(a) A nation, tribe, people; (b) one of the twelve tribes of Israel; (c) one's companions, followers.
A generation (either the period of time or the people living in it).
Friendship, familiarity; ?error for cuð-reden.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1450(1438) GLeg.Ded.Church (GiL175) (Eg 876) 965/211 : The furst vertu is that he that was riche was made pore; the seconde that he was leyde in the creche; the thridde that he that was soget to his kinrede [L parentibus].
  • Note: New sense = 'parents', or ?modify sense 1.(c).