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jolī adj.
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(a) Merry, cheerful, glad, joyful, happy; ~ of (for), glad of (sth.), happy because of (sth.); ~ as a pie (brid, ani jai), etc.; (b) of the heart, will, spirit: joyful; of song, birds: expressing or giving joy, merry; of play: cheerful, comical; of things: associated with joy or merriment; (c) of a time, season, month: joyous, filled with merriment; also, belonging to spring; (d) of a wind: favorable.
(a) Vigorous, strong, youthful, lusty; of jousting, a day's tournament: lustily fought; (b) playful, frisky; (c) amorous; lecherous; of animals: ready to mate; of a bitch or she-wolf: in heat; (d) ~ wo (peine), love; ?a pleasing pain, ?amorous woe; (e) arrogant, foolish, wanton.
(a) Pleasing, comely, beautiful, handsome; noble in appearance; handsomely dressed; (b) ~ robin, a handsome or charming man; a gaily dressed man, a dandy; (c) of things, colors, an action, chanting, a way of life: pleasant, beautiful, pretty, elegant, excellent.
In surnames; -- also as name of a dog.