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imẹ̄ten v.(3)
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(a) To come upon (sb. or sth.), encounter, meet, confront; ~ with, meet (sb.); refl. meet (each other); wel imet, as a greeting: well met; (b) to address (sb.) in greeting, greet.
(a) To encounter (sb.) with hostility, attack; ~ with, fight against (sb.), attack; refl. attack (each other, one another); ben imet, ~ togidere, meet in battle; (b) of a weapon: ~ with, to strike against (sth.), reach to.
Refl. (a) To come together, join; ben imet, come together, assemble; ppl. imet, joined, coupled, assembled; (b) to have sexual intercourse (with sb.).
(a) To find (sb. or sth.); (b) to discover (sth.), invent; (c) to gain (wealth), acquire; adopt (good behavior); (d) ben imet with, to experience (pain).