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idea n.
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Phil. & theol. The archetype of a thing as existing in the mind of God, the Platonic 'idea' [cp. forme n. 14a. & exaumple 5.].

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  • c1450(1438) GLeg.Protus&Hyacinth (GiL127) (Eg 876) 667/21 : We have ouerpassed the sillogismes of philosofers, the argumentes of Aristotle and the yddes [F ydees; L ideas] of Plato and the teachings of Socrates.
  • Note: Editor: "yddes: ydees Ps, ideas LgA. MED has three citations of idea, one from Trevisa and two from Lydgate, and the term was probably unknown to s.w. [the English translator]. A2 substitutes hyd thiynges. Here it is for the 'Platonic idea', but used more generally as 'concepts'."
    Note: New spelling.
    Note: Additional quote, ?poss. new sense.