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ich pron.
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The nom. sg. pron. used by the speaker to refer to himself: I: (a) as subject of a verb; (b) with noun as appositive; (c) as predicate pronoun.
In pleonastic constructions: (a) after the subject; (b) in exclamations, followed by noun or adjective.
In contractions: (a) ichabbe, ichave, I have; icham, I am; icherde, I heard; ichil(le, icholle, ichulle, ichelle, I will; ichim, I him; icholde, jcholde, ichod, I would; ichot, I know; ine, I not; inot, I know not; inul, inele, I will not; (b) ami, am I; cani, can I; haddi, had I; havi, hawi, have I; herdi, heard I; natih, I know not; navi, I have not; nefdich, I had not; nulich, nulli, I will not; theich(e, thech, theik, thike, thrive I, may I thrive; nich (nik), q.v.