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hōl(e adv.
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(a) In a body, together; al ~, all together, unanimously; ~ ifere, ~ togeder(es, all together; (b) in all, in total, fully; (c) completely, entirely, wholly; al ~, ful and ~, ~ and som, completely; (d) firmly, steadfastly.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1475 Godstow Reg.(Rwl B.408)27/17 : John..yeue to Edyue..the lande I-callyd Godstow and all thynge perteynyng ther-to, to-hole [L solide] and quietly, in perpetuall almus.
  • Note: New spelling
    Note: Use in hole adv. = to adv.(2) + hole--per REL