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hōl(e n.(3)
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Definitions (Senses and Subsenses)

(a) The entire body or company of persons; ~ of hem, all of them; (b) a thing as a unit, the whole, entirety; a complete or perfect thing; (c) the full amount of property; full measure of love; (d) in (the) ~, altogether; wholly, completely, in total; on ~, ?all of the time, everywhere.
(a) Health; remedy, cure; (b) happiness, prosperity; luck, fortune; ille (wrother) ~, bad luck; non ~, no luck, unlucky; (c) salvation; (d) savior.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1400(a1325) Cursor (Vsp A.3)4905 : Ful ilhale did yee þat dede.
  • Note: New comb.: il ~, unfortunately.