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his pron.(2)
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(a) This man's money, his own property, his possessions, his kingdom, his home, etc.; that which is owed to him, his due; also fig.; of his, of his money, of his property, of his own; (b) his heart, his need, his turn at drinking; (c) his people, his subjects, his followers or disciples, his soldiers, his family or household, his servant, etc.; of ~, of his people, of his subjects, among God's elect; he and ~, him and ~, etc.; (d) his wife, his mistress, his parents, his children, etc.; this bird's young; (e) his deeds or actions, his amusement or diversion, etc.
Possessive after of: (a) of ~, belonging to him; no lim of ~, none of his limbs; (b) of ~, ruled by him, related to him.
In other uses: (a) as object of a verb or preposition: him, himself; maugre ~, in spite of himself; (b) as obj. of v. or ppl.: it; ~ unwitting, unaware of the fact, not knowing it.