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hīne n.
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Note: Cp. heue n.(1).
(a) A household, servants collectively; (b) a religious familia, monastic community; -- only in place names [see Smith PNElem. 1.247].
(a) A servant, member of a household [see also in ~, ouen ~]; also fig.; (b) a farm laborer, herdsman, shepherd, etc.; also fig.; (c) heme and ~, see heme n.; hous and hinen, house and family; in ~, into servitude; of treu ~, of a true servant, in faithful service; holden for ~, to consider (sb.) worthless; (d) ~ folk, hines kin, servants; ~ hous, ?a house for servants.
A man, person, fellow; -- often used contemptuously.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1350 Ne mai no lewed (Hrl 2253)40 : Hyrdmen hem [summoners] hatieþ, ant vch mones hyne, for eueruch a parosshe heo polkeþ in pyne, ant clastreþ wiþ heore colle.
  • Note: Quot. needed for date in sense 2.(a).
    Note: Editor's glossary: "hyne n.: servant."
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