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hidǒus adj.
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(a) Terrifying, horrible, dreadful; (b) hideous to see or hear; frightening, horrible, repulsive; ~ til heringe, ~ til (bi) sight, ~ to biholden (sen, heren), ~ to loken (sen) on; (c) detestable, ?cursed [cp. Mat. 21.19; Mk.11.13-4, 20-1]; (d) morally loathsome, odious.
(a) Great, extreme, intense, severe; (b) violent, fierce; (c) loud, noisy.
(a) Great in size, huge, enormous; (b) mighty, glorious.
As adv.: frightfully, ?copiously; ~ chered, repulsive in appearance.

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Note: Removed repeated line ("a1400 Medit.Pass.(2) 450: Now is þe kyng ful of mercy Brouȝt"), third quot. under sense 1.(d), artifact of print MED, and replaced it with correct stencil and quot.--JL