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hert n.
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(a) A male of the red deer (Cervus elephas), a hart; also, the female; she ~; (b) hunt. ~ of ten, ~ at the first hed, a hart having ten tines in all on his antlers, a hart in his sixth year; ~ of grese, a fat hart [see grese n. 2.]; ~ resigne, a hart thirty-two years old; gret ~, a full-grown hart [see gret adj. 1b.]; stag of an ~, ?a hart in his fifth year; (c) fig. a person likened to a hart; (d) a painting, carving, etc., of a hart; a heraldic representation; ~ hed, a representation of a hart's head; ~ of the hop, an inn with the sign of a hart in a hoop; (e) in cpds. & cmbs.: ~ calf, the young of a hart; ~ hed; ~ heued, of the color of a hart; ~ horn, ~ hound, ~ huntere, ~ huntinge, ~ skin, ~ taloue; hertes hide, hertes lether, hertes marwe; hertes smere, lard or grease from a hart.
(a) In place names [see Smith PNElem. 1.244]; (b) in surnames.