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heremī̆t(e n.
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(a) A man who, from religious motives, lives in relative solitude; a male Christian recluse, a hermit; (b) holi ~, a pious hermit; (c) a false hermit; one who has not renounced human society, or one who poses as a hermit to avoid working for a living; (d) hermites hed, the heraldic representation of the head of a hermit; (e) observaunce of hermites, a company of hermits.
A member of certain fraternal monastic orders, a friar; Heremites of Seint Austin, the Order of Augustine Friars; Heremites of the Mount Carmele, the Order of Carmelite Friars.
In cpds. & combs.: ~ lif, the life of a hermit; ~ place, a wilderness; prest ~, a priest living as a hermit.
(a) As surname; Richard ~, Richard Rolle; (b) in place names.