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heraud n.
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(a) An officer of a tournament who makes announcements, introduces knights, reports their actions, awards prizes, etc.; ~ of armes [cp. OF hiraut darmes]; (b) an expert in the records of knights; a historian of wars and tournaments (often itinerant and similar to a minstrel); fig. a spreader of fame, one who praises someone or something; ~ of armes; (c) an expert in heraldry, coats of arms, etc.; the author or keeper of a roll of arms; ~ of armes.
A maker of proclamations, a crier; a distinguished messenger, king's messenger; also, a go-between for lovers [quot.: 1467]; ~ of armes.
(a) A diplomatic messenger, an envoy, an agent; also fig.; ~ of armes, kinges ~; (b) a military officer concerned with numbering and arranging troops, etc.; ~ of armes; (c) an attendant upon a king; ~ of armes; king ~, ? = king of armes [see armes 3].