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hem pron. (plural)
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Note: Cp. he pron.(3).
As direct or indirect object of a verb, object of a prep. or inf.: them.
(a) Refl. Themselves; (b) of two subjects mutually: each other.
(a) As object of an impersonal verb, dative of interest, etc.; (b) in impersonal constructions with ben & noun, adj., adv., or ppl.
In various constructions: (a) ~ that (whom), those who, those that; (b) ~ of Athenes (Grece, Ypres), the people of Athens (Greece, Ypres); (c) ~ bothe (bo), both of them; ~ two (thre), those two (three), the two (three) of them; ~ al, all of them; (d) to ~ ward, towards them; (e) translating Latin accusative; (f) corresponding to OE accusative of extent of time; (g) after a verb of motion: to them; (h) bi ~ one, by themselves, alone.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1325 SLeg.Becket (Corp-C 145)691/34 : [H]ii nome up þys holy bones & in a chuste ʒhm [read: ʒham] brouʒte.
  • c1325(c1300) Glo.Chron.A (Clg A.11)2751 : Þer beþ in þe eyr an hey..a maner gostes..Me may ʒem ofte an erþe in wilde studes yse.
  • Note: New spelling
    Note: Corresponds to theim 1.(b)
  • c1380 Firumb.(1) (Ashm 33)256 : He lifte vp ys hond & blessed him þan & recomandedem to god almiʒte.
  • Note: New spelling (contr.) 'recomandedem'