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haue n.(2)
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(a) The fruit of the hawthorn, a haw; (b) a thing of little worth, a trifle; worth an ~, worth a haw, of any value at all; nought (not) worth an ~, worthless; nought (not) an ~, not a bit, not at all; the heigher of an ~, a particle higher; availen not an ~, availen not worth an ~, availen nought thre haues, to be useless; helpen an ~, be of any help; stod me never ~, never meant a thing to me; tellen nought worth an ~, consider (sb.) worthless; (c) setten (yeven) nought (not) an ~ of, setten not an ~ bi, ne setten an ~ bi, ne yeven worth an ~ of, have no regard for (sb. or sth.), give not a haw for, hold in contempt; (d) ~ bake, baked haws, meager fare; (e) in place names [see Smith PNElem. 1.221-2].