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harāǧeǒus adj.
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Cruel, stern, obstreperous, violent.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1400(1379) Daniel *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.115va (3.20) : If þe vryn turne & change into litle & suptil, þe febre wil be more stronge and haraiouse and after þat slaken.
  • ?c1400(1379) Daniel *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.116ra (3.20) : Vryn ruf and subtil with an acue & none ypostasi seiþ þat day shal be stronge & haragiouse to him.
Note: Antedates word. Editor's gloss: 'violent'. New spellings: haraiouse, haragiouse.