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grīpen v.
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(a) To grasp (sb. or sth.) with the hands, take hold of, grab, snatch; ~ fro, snatch (sth.) from (sb.); ~ up, pull up (roots); (b) to hold on, cling; (c) to encircle (sth.) with the hands; (d) ~ hond in hond with, to clasp the hand of (sb.).
(a) To catch (sb.), capture, seize; (b) to obtain (property, wealth), seize; receive (a gift, bribe, reward), take; --also without obj.; ~ of, help oneself to (someone's gold); (c) fig. to learn about (sth.); of fear, horror, etc.: come upon (sb.), afflict; of the Devil, a personified vice, etc.: overcome (sb.), ensnare (sb. or sth.).