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gọ̄s n.
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(a) A goose of any kind; (b) a female goose (as opposed to gander); (c) the carcass of a goose, a goose prepared as food; ~ rered, a carved goose; (d) wild ~, a wild goose [see also balled ~, brand ~]; (e) in proverbs, etc.: dighten ~, ?to do something foolish; drinken with the ~, to drink only water [var. of drinken with the doke]; gagel (gagelinge) of ges, a flock of geese; mad as a ~, crazy (?silly) as a goose; shon the ~, to shoe the goose, do something foolish or useless, waste one's time; time of ges, the time when the geese migrate in the fall [?error for time of grese; cp. gresetime].
In cpds. and combs.: (a)~ ei, a goose egg; ~ grece (smere), goose grease; ~ penne, a goose feather; gos(es wing, the wing of a goose, something of little value; gos(es dong, ~ fether, ~ flesh, ~ fot, ~ herte, ~ tord; (b) ~ herd, ~ man, ~ swein, one who tends a flock of geese; ~ monger, a dealer in geese; (c) ~ horn, ?a horn used for calling geese; also, an obnoxious noise, clamor; ~ hous, a hut or shed for geese; ~ panne, ?a pan with a gooseneck handle; ~ spit, ?a curved spit, a spit shaped like a gooseneck; (d) ~ gras, goses gras, silverweed (Potentilla anserina); (e) ~ bile, ?a nail resembling the bill of a goose; (f) ~ a gander, a gander.
(a) In surnames; (b) in place names [see Smith PNElem. 1.206].

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  • (1435) *Acc.R.Abbotsbury : [Goods attached include] 1 gosfote ferri.
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