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gǒnne n.
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Note: Cp. gonnilde.
A siege engine that casts missiles; ballista, mangonel, trebuchet; also, a ram; gret ~, a mangonel.
(a) A cannon; (b) gret ~, a cannon of large caliber; serpentine ~, a kind of cannon, a serpentine; staf ~, a cannon balanced on a short pole for firing; (c) a small portable firearm [=hond ~ q.v.]; quarel ~, a gun which fires a bolt like that of a crossbow; (d) ~ maister, ?a chief cannoneer, ?a master gunsmith; ~ maker, one who makes cannon or small firearms, a gunsmith; ~ shot (shet), gonnes shot, the firing of a cannon; ~ spanne, some kind of fastener used on a gun carriage; ~ wale, the upper edge of the sides of a boat or ship (over which cannon are fired); ~ whel, one of the wheels on which a cannon is mounted; gonnes blasting, losing of ~, a cannon shot; fig. a fart. [See also ~ poudre, ~ ston.]
A missile fired from a cannon or a siege engine.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1400) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO)7.61 : [2] goynnes [with] peletis [therfor].
  • Note: New spelling
  • 1339 *Pipe Roll (PRO) 13 Edw.III m.50 d [OD col.] : ix barrell gunne.
  • Note: Antedates 1.(a)