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glenten v.
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(a) To move or turn quickly to one side; dodge, flinch; ~ aside, ~ beside; ~ aside on, to fall upon (enemies) from the side; (b) to change one's behavior, deviate; (c) ~ from, to conceal (sth.) from (someone's knowledge).
(a) To move quickly, go (from one place to another), fall (to the ground); ~ awei, glide away, vanish; ~ bi, rush past; refl. betake oneself; (b) ~ up, to spring up, arise; (c) ?to bring (sth.) into sight or existence, reveal.
(a) Of a weapon: to strike a glancing blow; of a blow: strike obliquely, glance; (b) refl. to be deflected; (c) to wield (weapons) with glancing blows.
(a) To look askance; look, glance; (b) ~ eie, to direct (one's) glance.
To shine, gleam; flash, glitter; glisten, glint.