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glā̆d adj.
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(a) Of persons, creatures: joyful, merry, gay; cheerful, jolly; full of joyous or festive spirits, rejoicing; ~ in (on) herte, ~ of chere; ~ and blithe, ~ and joli, ~ and light, ~ and merie, joiful and ~, etc.; ben ~, to rejoice; maken ~, to rejoice, make merry; -- also refl.; as noun: the ~, those who are joyful; (b) of persons: mild, calm, gracious; ~ with, affable or gracious toward (sb.); (c) ~ yefestre, ~ yivere, one who gives gladly.
(a) Happy (because of a specific person, thing, event, etc.); pleased, delighted; ~ and blithe, ~ and fain, merie and ~; maken ~, to make (sb.) happy, please (sb.); refl. be pleased, rejoice; (b) ~ for (of, upon, with), pleased with (sb. or sth.), happy or glad about (sth.); ben ~ in, to take pleasure in (sth.); (c) pleased or glad (that sth. is so); ~ that; (d) pleased or willing (to be or do sth.); ~ to, ~ for to.
(a) Of will, feeling, disposition, expression, mien, etc.: joyful, cheerful, pleasant; of ~ chere, cheerful; with ~ chere (entente, herte, wille), cheerfully, gladly; maken ~ chere, to assume a cheerful expression or manner toward (sb.); (b) ~ sorwe, a state of mixed or conflicting emotions; (c) of the eyes: good-humored, gay; also, bright and shining.
(a) Causing or expressing joy; of songs, words, etc.: joyous; of tidings: glad; of dreams: pleasant; (b) of fortune, an action, an outcome: happy, fortunate; ~ poverte, cheerfully borne poverty; (c) astrol. propitious, favorable; (d) of a period of time: filled with joy, happy, cheerful, bright; (e) of land: fertile, rich; of vegetation: flourishing, luxuriant.
(a) Bright, shining; (b) of flowers: bright, fresh, beautiful.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1400 Trin-C O.9.39 Recipes (Trin-C O.9.39) 54/36 : Ȝe may bye eny manere of azure bizs þat be grete and rugged and bytwene ȝoure fyngres as hit were sonde in þe felyng, so þat hit haue a gode glad colour.
  • Note: Glossary: "glad adj. 'bright (of a colour)'."
    Note: ?New sense, or additional quot., sense 5.(a).