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gī̆ld(e n.
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Note: Cp. gildehalle.
(a) An association of dues-paying members, organized for charitable, religious, or political purposes; a fraternity, guild; (b) an association of craftsmen or tradesmen, a craft guild.
(a) An association of merchants of a town, organized (with the king's permission) to control trade and often to act as the town's governing body; the guild merchant; chapmanne ~, marchaundes ~; (b) a meeting of such an association; ~ chaffare, ~ marchaunt; (c) the corporation of a town; (d) ~ marchaunt, a member of the guild merchant.
(a) In cpds. & combs.: ~ ale, a fraternal drinking party; ~ brother, a guildsman (cp. OI gildis-brœðr]; ~ catel, the property of a guild; ~ dai, the meeting day of a guild; ~ greive, ~ reve, the steward of a guild [see (b)]; ~ halle, q.v.; ~ hous, a guildhall [see (b) & cp. ONorw. gildi-hūs]; ~ prest, ?a member of an ecclesiastical brotherhood; ?a priest who serves a guild; ~ sister, a female member of a guild; ~ wite, a fine imposed by a guild; (b) in surnames & place names [see Smith PNElem. 1.200-1].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1438) in Gross Gild Merch.2.65 : He that wyll not obey þe rewlle of the Bretherhede shall be put out of þe yeyld.
  • Note: New spelling
    Note: Sense 2.(a)