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gīen v.
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(a) To lead or guide (sb.); also fig.; refl. to take one's way, go; (b) to steer (a ship), steer (one's course); drive (a chariot); (c) to guide (someone's pen or stylus); --used fig.; of Fortune: to guide the turning of (her wheel).
(a) To guide (sb.) in behavior or conduct, advise, direct; -- also intr.; (b) refl. to conduct oneself, behave, act.
(a) To rule (sb.), control; (b) to govern (a country, a city, a people, etc.), have (a province) under one's control; rule (a church); (c) to command (an army, a navy, armed men), lead: -- also intr.; (d) to manage or control (sth.), regulate; direct (thoughts, an activity, an office of government); administer (law); trim (a sail); -- also intr.
To protect (sb. or sth.), guard, keep, preserve; ~ from, protect (sb.) from (sth.); in exclamations: god gie us, God keep us, etc.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Salomon þe (Lin-O Lat.141)19 : Than must we draw cutt who schall hold þe plow, For þe one of yow tweyn must gy mylk yowre cow.
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