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gā̆te n.(2)
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(a) A path, road, street; the way from one place to another; heigh ~, the main thoroughfare; bi ~, by a path or road; on the ~, on the road, along the way; (b) a path through the air or sky; (c) the path or track of a plow, a furrow; (d) fig. the path (of pride, righteousness, etc.), the path (to heaven, hell, etc.); hard ~, a harsh action or experience; heigh ~, the way of right or justice.
In phrases: (a) amidde ~, half way; bi ~, on the way, during the trip; in ~, in (one's) way, in front (of one); of ~, out of (one's) path; on ~, on ~ ward, on the way, away; (b) gangen ~, to travel a road or path, take the road (to a place); gliden ~, gon ~, comen ~, riden ~, wenden ~, nimen ~, taken ~; leden ~, lead (sb.) on the path; senden ~, send (sb.) on a road; (c) gon gate(s, to go (one's) way, depart, depart hastily, be off; taken ~, go away, leave, take (one's) departure; ben ganging of gates, be on (one's) way, be off; he yede ~, he went (his) way; gangan gates, gliden ~, wenden ~; (d) given ~, to make way for (sb.); haven the ~, pass freely; holden gates, go (someone's) way, go along with (sb.); (e) fig. gon hard gates, to endure painful experiences; haven ful god ~, have every right (to kill sb.), be fully entitled; tellen gates al gon, count (someone's) roads all traveled, regard (someone's) life as finished; these gates moste ben gon, this deed must be done; gon gates, taken ~, go, proceed; etc.
(a) Going, walking; departure; journey, traveling, expedition, pilgrimage; ben on ~, have departed; don on ~, to start (oneself) on the way, set out; also fig.; (b) ~ awei, going away, escape; ~ doun, descent; setting of the sun, stars, etc.; ~ out, act of leaving (a religious order); ~ up, ascent; ~ wil, going astray, losing one's way.
Manner of moving or walking, gait.
(a) Way, manner; also, a means, method [quot.: Cursor, Perceval]; bi somkin ~, in some way; thurgh ani ~, in any way; what (which) ~, in what way, how; (b) way of life, behavior, conduct, actions; outward behavior [quot.: 1435]; in ~ forth, in (our) conduct henceforth; (c) kind, sort.
(a) Cpds. & combs.: ~ dor, a door opening on the street; ~ geter, one who guards or watches over a road; ~ leve, right of way; ?a toll paid for right of passage; (b) in surnames, street names, road names, place names; gate(sende, the end of a path, road, or street [see Smith PNElem. 1.196].