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gai adj.
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Joyous, merry, gay; light-hearted, carefree; also, wanton, lewd, lascivious.
(a) Shining, glittering, gleaming, bright; of colors: vivid; (b) of things: sumptuous, showy, rich, ornate; magnificent, stately; elegant, fine, beautiful; (c) of persons: dressed up, handsomely or richly attired, decked out in finery; maken ~, to deck (oneself) out richly or showily; gon ~, be well dressed.
(a) Excellent, noble; beautiful; (b) stout and ~, stately and beautiful; splendid and showily dressed [?with overlap on sense 2.(c)]; great and noble, strong and gallant; (c) pleasant sounding; of songs, words, literary style, a speaker, a writer, etc.: pleasing, skillful, eloquent; also, superficially pleasing, specious.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1500 Army.32 Artist.Recipes(Army 32) 211/2 : Forto make grene color. Take þe juce of rewe, and when yt hath juse, put awey þe cler and take þe thyke undyrneth, and grynde hyt with vergedrese, and put a lutyl safron þerto and þer þe shall haue gaye grene.
  • Note: Additional quote, sense 2.(a).
    Note: 'Gaye grene' might possibly be read as 'gaudi grene'. Cf. Editor's gloss: "gaude, gaudegrene, gaye grene n. 'yellow-green color'."