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fō̆nden, -ien v.
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Note: Cp. afonden, founden.
(a) To put (a person, his strength, skill, etc.) to a test or trial; to try the worth of; also, to prove (a person) worthy by trial; (b) to make trial (of a person's or animal's strength); (c) to put (God) on trial; to tempt (God); to try the patience (of God).
To subject (a person) to trial by tempting him with sin; to tempt to evil;-- (a) with obj.; (b) with to phrase; (c) absol.
(a) To subject (a substance, object, practice, etc.) to testing or examination; test, examine;-- early also with gen. obj.; (b) to sample or taste (food, drink).
To put (a proposition) to the test of experience; to try to find out or discover (the answer to a question) by experiment or inquiry;--with clause.
(a) To experience (hardships, pleasures, etc.); to suffer (hunger, pain, etc.); to enjoy or indulge in (pleasures, love-making, etc.); (b) to have or enjoy (a woman's favor).
(a) To try to find, look for, seek (persons, things); (b) to search out or explore (a place).
To try, attempt, assay, endeavor, strive (to do something);-- (a) with inf.; (b) without inf.
To try, attempt, strive, set about, or undertake (an action, a deed); to pursue (adventures);-- (a) with obj.; (b) absol.
(a) To concern or busy oneself (about something); to deal with (someone);--with of phrase or inf.; (b) to be concerned, take care;--with that clause.
? =founden v. (1): to proceed, go, depart, betake (oneself), rush, advance in attack, etc.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1390 NHom.Narrat.(Vrn)16.270/868 : Crist, his sone, God wolde not spare To beo fondet..And siþen slen him
  • Note: New spelling
    Note: New construction for sense (a)--per MJW
  • c1350(a1333) Shoreham Poems (Add 17376)100/53 : Bot þou wylle wondy, man Þy pyne after þy deth, Wonde þe sorȝe þat hys her Folȝende after þy queed.
  • Note: New spelling