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fōlden v.(2)
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(a) To bend (at a joint); to flex (a limb), turn or twist (the head, the body), fold (a wing); (b) to bow down, stoop; ~ on knees, kneel.
(a) Of material things: to give way, buckle; be flexible pliable; (b) fig. grow weak, feeble, faint; fail; also, to weaken or make faint; tonge foldeth, speech fails; herte ~, the heart grows faint.
(a) To lay (someone) low; to overcome, defeat (an enemy); (b) folden to grounde, to collapse; fall in battle; to fell (an enemy), to kill.
(a) To lap (something) back against itself, to fold (a cloth, garment, sheet); to arrange in folds or pleats [quot.PPl.C]; (b) to wrinkle or corrugate.
(a) To turn away (from something); abandon, retreat; (b) to drive (something) away, dispel; (c) to turn back, return.
(a) To coil, curl, twist; of water: to take a winding course; folden of, to twist (something) off, tear off; (b) to interweave, interlace, braid, plait; ~ armes, to fold (one's) arms; (c) to combine (things), to make complex; fig. to complicate (an argument).
(a) To close (a book); (b) to clench (the fist), close (the hand, the fingers);--also intr.; (c) of flowers: to close up.
(a) To wrap or cover (something); to enclose, surround; (b) to plate (with metal); (c) to lay (something).
(a) To embrace (someone), folden in armes; also fig.; to clasp; (b) to receive joyfully or gladly.
(a) To promise in hand, pledge (something); (b) Poet.?to give promise of; ?to agree with.