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fert n.
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(a) Wind or gas expelled through the anus, a fart; (b) leten (maken) a ~, leten flien a ~, to break wind; (c) not a ~, nothing at all; not worth a ~, completely worthless.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1500 He þat stelys (Roy 18.A.17)7 : He þat stelys this booke Shulbe hanged on a crooke..Qui scripsit carmen, Pookefart est sibi nomen.
  • Note: For sense - "also in name"--per MLL
    Note: !Quot. already used under pǒuk(e n. 1.(d) ~ fert, a derogatory epithet--JL
  • a1500 MSerm.Mol.(Adv 19.3.1)83 : He saw wonus a nolde wyfe gwo vij yer be the sey-syde, and..sche had no more for to do but for to take a fart in a schowepette [?read: schouenette].
  • Note: ?Prov. taken a ~ in a shovenet
    Note: Quot. also used under scọ̄pet(te n.--JL