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fellen v.
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To make (something) fall or drop from a supported or hanging position; to knock (fruit, flowers, leaves) from a tree; to cut (a person) down from a cross or gibbet; to shed (tears); fellen a)doun.
To make (a person) succumb to temptation or sin.
To knock, strike, cut, or shoot down (a man or beast) in combat; to fell (an adversary); to overthrow, overcome, vanquish; also fig.; fellen a)doun, ~ to (the) ground; -- (a) with obj.; (b) with of phrase; (c) absol.
To slay, kill; fellen of live; fallen blod, spill blood.
To overthrow (an institution); to abolish (laws); fellen under fot, to subjugate (a city).
(a) To cut down, fell (a tree, timber); also fig.; fellen a)doun; -- occas. absol.; (b) to mow (a meadow); (c) to cause (a plant) to die.
To bring (buildings, walls, etc.) toppling or crumbling down to the ground; to demolish.
(a) To cast down, destroy, suppress, overcome (pride, power, etc.); (b) to put a stop or end to (an action, strife); to still (rumor); (c) to abate (a tempest).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1275(?a1200) Lay.Brut (Clg A.9)496 : Nis þar nan swa heih..þet we nabbet his freond ifelled [Otho: ivalled] to grunde.
  • Note: New spelling
    Note: Sense 3b.--per SMK
  • c1300 Lay.Brut (Otho C.13)7405 : We ʒam habbeþ iflemid..and mid wepne ifalled fale þousendes.
  • Note: New spelling
    Note: Sense 3b.--per SMK
  • c1400(?a1300) KAlex.(LdMisc 622)3359 : Wiþ dynt of spere þou were yfeld Of þi destrer in þe feld.
  • Note: New spelling
    Note: Sense 3a.(a)--per SMK
  • a1325(?c1300) NPass.(Cmb Gg.1.1)791 : Þis strif þei fellen son a non.
  • Note: Antedates 6.(b)--per HWK
    Note: !Quot. already used under fallen v. 18.(a)--JL
  • c1450 ?Rolle Luf es lyf (Lamb 853)92 : For-þi, loue þou as y þee rede; Crist is trewe loue, as y þe telle; Wiþ aungilis take þou þi stide; Þat ioie loke þou not felle.
  • Note: ?sense
    Note: pref. MS (Cmb): þat joy loke þou noght sell