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fecchen v.
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To go after, get, and return with (someone, something) to a person or place; to get and bring back; to fetch; [quot.: c1330] to find and report back (news); -- (a) simply; (b) gon (faren, wenden) and fecchen; gon to fecchen; gon fecchen.
(a) To come for, get, and take away (someone, something); comen to fecchen; (b) to take away surreptitiously; to steal; (c) to carry off to death, kill; fecchen to the dethe.
(a) fecchen forth, to bring (someone, something) before another's view or into a person's presence; (b) fecchen in, to take in (a person) for succour.
(a) To seek to get (something), search after, look for; (b) to seek and get (something), procure, obtain, attain to; ~ evidence, collect evidence, obtain proof; ~ leve, ask for or take leave; ~ deth, catch (one's) death, die;?~ fer, catch fear, become frightened.
(a) fecchen a strok, ~ bur, to get set for a blow; strike (somebody); (b) fecchen fir, to pay a short visit (lit., to fetch fire, get a brand).